Monday March 30 , 2015

Household & Furniture Storage

household storageHousehold Storage

Temporary or long-term storage of home or office furniture and equipment is safe and secure in Lincoln Moving and Storage’s locations in Washington, New Mexico and Colorado.  Everything is carefully inventoried and packed in palletized storage vaults on your premises. The vaults are sealed, then transported in air-ride trailers to our warehouse where they are stacked by lift truck. The belongings inside are not touched again until delivery. For delivery the vaults are lift trucked onto air-ride equipment and delivered to your new location sealed as when they were at the time of loading. 


 temporary storageOther areas of the country

When storage is needed in another area of the country or the world, Lincoln Moving and Storage has professional relationships with many transportation and warehousing organizations around the globe. We are able to negotiate the best possible pricing on your behalf due to the longevity of these relationships.







We gladly accept American Express, Mastercard, and Visa. Certified checks are also welcome.

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